Intro Video - Welcome to the club!

Highlights of the club

  • Your dog is always welcome, no reservations needed.
  • Discounted daily daycare rates & discounted boarding rates.
  • Early drop off & late pick up available.
  • Open 7 days a week.
  • Members only! Your dog will NOT be subjected to a high volume of under vetted & under qualified dogs on holidays and other peak times.
  • Smart ventilation system, nontoxic & green building materials used throughout the space. Nontoxic, free from VOC's, no artificial color or fragrance & petroleum free cleaning products.
  • Puppies under 5 months are automatically accepted. There are plenty of good mommy and daddy dogs who will provide $10,000’s worth of free dog training for you 🙂
  • The "Dog Society Test" - Membership exam uses nature's blueprint for healthy dog to dog & dog to human social skills.
  • Professional trainers work with the dogs each day to teach valuable social skills to keep them intimate with the lives of their human families & keep the environment supportive of all dogs.
  • Daycare and boarding are CAGE FREE. Rather than spending nights & days in cages, the dogs are free to snuggle & play with their friends.
  • Ample fenced in yard space for dogs to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Indoor & outdoor security cameras & 24/7 monitored smart alarms to keep our dogs safe.

Our Working Hours

We Are Closed Now

Monday - Friday7:30 AM — 7:30 PM
Saturday - Sunday8:00 AM — 6:00 PM

Our Pricing

Membership Cost:$45/month
Daily Rates:Daycare $28Boarding $45 (24hr)
Early drop off (up to ½ hour early) & late pick up (up to ½ hour late) $5.
*Multiple dog household only need 1 membership for the family.

How To Become A Member

Schedule The Membership Test!