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    Cage free daycare and boarding where dogs are family.

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  • You don't have to leave your dog at daycare anymore, now you get to bring them to daycare!

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    Beautiful common area for the dogs to spend their day in, outdoor play area & organized group activities.

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    Watch this video to see the "Dog Society Test". Dogs who pass this test can become members at the Dog Wellness Club.

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It’s a campus, not a kennel:

Our Vision

The Dog Wellness Club is a showroom and the dogs are ambassadors for what happens when humans learn to responsively relate and communicate in a meaningful way with dogs.

Our Creation

Help us create a cage free daycare and boarding facility where…

  • dogs are raised as family.
  • dogs are related to and communicated with.
  • dogs can teach each other and see people as parents, mentors, coaches and friends.
  • dogs will develop the highest level social skills so that they may enjoy the highest levels of inclusion with their human families.

Your Empowerment

Help us launch the club!

  • Beta launch January, 15 2018
  • VID (very important dog) opening February, 1 2018
  • Public opening March 1, 2018

What is Nurture by Nature?

A cool slogan, duh! But its also a mantra driven by a core belief that nature has wisdom. Rather than using arbitrary human beliefs & opinions about dogs to guide our behavior, we listen to dogs & empower their brilliant innate social etiquette to create the culture of our club. This is why you and your dog want to stay. This is why all of our members are their neighborhood's "good dog". :)

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221 Border Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405, USA


Doggie Daycare & Boarding conveniently located for the West Metro & South West Minneapolis commute. We are on the west side of the North Loop in Minneapolis: Uptown, Loring Park, Bryn-Mawr, Calhoun-Isles, Lowry Hill, Kenwood, Tangletown & Linden Hills neighborhood residents.

As we get closer to our March 1st launch date you will find more details on daily operations:

  • Flexible Hours (7 days a week)
  • Rates (Discounted daily rates for daycare & boarding)
  • Fenced in outdoor play area
  • Bathing/Feeding
  • Organized daily activities
  • Membership Details
  • Membership Exam (dog society test)